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Why don’t more nurse practitioners train in colposcopy?

  Nurse practitioners are well placed to perform colposcopy. The depth of relationship typically created between NPs and their patients can help put patients at ease about a procedure that can be daunting. NPs generally have more time in each appointment than...

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How to prevent burnout in SANEs

  SANE nurses are at high risk of burnout. Long examinations, extended shifts lasting into the late hours of the night, and the significant burden of guiding sexual assault victims through their darkest hours can quickly take its toll. As a SANE, it is vital that...

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Multispectral imaging for cervical cancer detection

There have been few changes in colposcopy in recent decades despite many advancements in other areas of cervical cancer treatment. HPV testing and vaccination have offered a new dimension to cervical cancer screening and prevention but few adaptations have been made...

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Counteracting patient misinformation

  Patient education and understanding of medical procedures plays an essential role in improving the patient experience. But as clinicians, we cannot control the multitude of sources patients use. So when patients have read incorrect or questionable information,...

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Prospective cohort study examining cervical cancer screening methods in HIV-positive and HIV-negative Cambodian Women: a comparison of human papilloma virus testing, visualization with acetic acid and digital colposcopy

A recent study published in BMJ Open highlighted the EVA System Colposcope in performing Digital Colposcopy (DC) on hrHPV+ women in Cambodia. With a shortage of trained gynecologists in Cambodia, DC can be performed by trained nurses or midwives. According to the...

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Colposcope syncs to athenahealth EMR

Up to 35% of physician time is spent on note-taking. This is a valuable time that could be put to better use if more efficient methods of record keeping and data collection can be found. MobileODT took up the challenge to reduce the burden of note-taking for...

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10 Cervical cancer facts most patients don’t know

Patient understanding of cervical cancer screening can be a determining factor in how positively they report the experience. In honor of World Cancer Day, here are 10 cervical cancer facts that your patient may not know, together with takeaway messages for you to use...

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