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Top 5 challenges facing OBGYNs

Although clinicians aim to provide the best service possible, OBGYNs worldwide continue to face widespread obstacles in delivering treatment. We spoke with international experts to hear their input on the five biggest challenges facing OBGYNs around the world. 1. Fear...

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How to avoid getting Cervical Cancer [patient infographic]

The month is National Cervical Cancer Month in many countries. While millions of women still lack reliable access to cervical cancer screening, tragically many who could receive lifesaving screening either don’t attend or do not return for follow up appointments. To...

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Year in review 2019: breaking down barriers to care

  2019 might be remembered as the year when geographic barriers to women’s healthcare started to crumble. MobileODT has been honored to be part of a sweeping change bringing new levels of healthcare experience to women in underserved areas/populations.  ...

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Understanding Femtech: what it is and what it isn’t

  The term ‘Femtech’ has become a buzzword across business and healthcare media outlets. But while a catchy phrase makes for clickable headlines, is the term adding any value to the women’s health sphere? To explore the issue further we spoke with healthcare...

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Why family physicians should perform colposcopy

Family doctors and primary care providers are the front lines in the effort to provide preventative medicine. With this vantage point, they are well placed to offer a range of screening services, benefiting their patients and expanding their practices. An increasing...

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How to get better images with a colposcope

Visualization of the cervix is an essential part of the cervical cancer screening process. We highlight some of the most common problems with visualizing the cervix that clinicians encounter and share solutions to these issues.

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