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Gynecology around the world: Poland

We spoke with Dr. Zbigniew Wróbel, Director of the Medi-Lab Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Świdnica, Poland, about how the field is developing in Poland.   How has the Polish medical profession reacted to the trend toward aesthetic gynecology? This year saw a...

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Cervical cancer & HIV: a quiet tragedy [infographic]

Billions of dollars are spent every year in preventing and treating the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Antiretroviral treatments are prolonging life expectancy for people with HIV and giving new hope for the future. But a quiet tragedy is playing out for thousands of HIV+ women....

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Whatsapp – The Doctors’ App?

As the world’s most popular messaging app, Whatsapp allows users to share information quickly and easily with limited data usage. End-to-end encryption gives users a sense of security when sharing private information through the platform. An increasing number of...

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5 highlights from IPVC 2018 conference

The 32rd  International Papillomavirus Conference in Sydney was a whirlwind of new discoveries in the HPV world with the revelation of new cervical cancer screening AI by the National Cancer Institute and coinciding with the announcement of Australian vaccination...

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Colposcopy in pregnancy: Best practice and insider tips

Welcome back to our Colpo Corner, where we explore various aspects of colposcopy. In this edition Mary Rubin, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAANP shares her advice on performing colposcopy during pregnancy based on her 35 years of experience working in colposcopy. Performing...

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Why Cervical Cancer isn’t defeated…yet

‘Australia defeats cervical cancer’ was announced on newspaper headlines this week. Around the world, the initial results of the Australian government initiative to introduce HPV vaccination to high school age students suggested that cervical cancer instances may have...

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