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MobileODT’s mission, to save as many lives as possible using digital mobile technologies has been highlighted multiple times in events and Media. Here you will find the latest company announcements, events and media coverage from around the web.

“Detecting cervical cancer from a cell phone”
“New approaches…are supporting the management of specific female chronic diseases”
“The device won the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project award”
The handheld smartphone device to spot cancer
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6 innovations from Future Healthcare 2019

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY (March 22, 2019) During the 2019 Future Healthcare event in London, MobileODT was honored to present the EVA System during the Health Innovations Theatre. From over 350 brands that attended, MobileODT was featured in Medical News Today as one of the...

Spotlight: AI in medical technology

VOX MEDIA UK (March 4, 2019) This podcast, featuring MobileODT CEO Ariel Beery,  looks at the integration and development of artificial intelligence (AI) into medical technologies, or as the sector is commonly referred to: Medtech. Countries today are racing to be the...