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MobileODT launches EVA WELL for general gynecology in the USA

May 3, 2019 | Press Releases

Tel Aviv, May 3, 2019: EVA WELL, the latest brand in MobileODT’s range of women’s health visualization solutions, was launched today at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) annual conference in Nashville, TN.

Designed for general gynecology, EVA WELL sets a new standard in gynecologic examination of the vagina, vulva, and cervix. The system incorporates high-quality medical optics with user-friendly software. EVA WELL brings a unique range of features to women’s health clinicians.

MobileODT CEO, Ariel Beery said, “We are overjoyed to bring to general gynecology practitioners the same high-quality imaging and secure data storage that has proven so essential to thousands of women’s health clinicians using our other products. EVA WELL is yet another step in MobileODT’s commitment to bring new technological solutions to enhance women’s health around the world.”

EVA WELL combines 16x image magnification for both static and video imaging, with 13 MP camera resolution. A reflective wire-grid of crossed polarizers reduces specular glare from the tissue surface. The digital green filter and high contrast filters each allow clinicians to view various aspects of the tissue.

With EVA WELL, clinicians are able to offer patients an increased level of engagement during their exam with the CAST for EVA feature. Patients are able to view images captured with the EVA device via simultaneous casting to an external display screen. This feature offers multiple benefits to patients such as increased patient engagement which has been proven to improve health outcomes, improve compliance, and increase treatment success.

EVA WELL also includes the capacity for teleconsultation, which allows the clinician to consult with colleagues during an examination. Remote collaborators can be linked via their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to see, hear and comment on exams performed with EVA WELL in real-time at the point of care. This allows clinicians to offer patients advanced care without requiring them to attend additional appointments in other locations.

The same clinical documentation features that have made the EVA System line of products popular throughout the women’s health world are found in EVA WELL. Clinicians are able to record images and video, store them on the secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant EVA portal for later reference and transfer to their local EMR system. This is particularly relevant to clinicians performing functional gynecology procedures as they are able to compare images and track patient progress over time. Images can also be separated from case notes to be shared with patients via email.

EVA WELL has already received a warm welcome from clinicians around the world. Dr. Pablo Naranjo, Medical Director of the Elite Laser Clinic in Madrid said, “With EVA Well, every vaginal examination I perform is documented. I can show my patients their own anatomy, and the progression of their treatment over time. Some even ask me to email them the images after the exam.”

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