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Israeli FemTech Company MobileODT, Engaged in Large Scale Government Cervical Cancer Screening Project.

Mar 25, 2021 | news1, Press Releases

MobileODT, an Israeli Digital Health FemTech company that is producing the latest innovation in cervical cancer screening, is proud to announce that their Visual Check AI technology is supporting a large-scale government cervical cancer screening project in the Dominican Republic. This proof of concept project was initiated as part of the company’s strategic direction in providing cervical cancer screening at scale, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities.


The project is currently run by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Health  in cooperation with MobileODT. In the past  three months, 9,000 women were screened for cervical cancer with the EVA Visual Check AI technology. Due to the initial success of the project, it was decided to expand this program to cover another 50,000 women who  are due to be screened over the next 6 months. VisualCheck, provides non specialists with an AI clinical decision support tool, predicting how highly trained colposcopists would determine positive or negative cervical cancer diagnosis.

With a high cervical cancer rate among the Dominican Republic women population, early prevention can make a huge impact on women’s lives. Furthermore, it can help the health system save significant funds that would have been otherwise directed to treatment.

“Many cervical cancer cases happen due to a lack of timely follow-up” says Dr. Alfredo Levy, MD, OBGYN , one of the leading physicians involved in this project, “the ability to receive the  results immediately at the point of care, is a complete game changer. The EVA VisualCheck system is quick and easy to use, allowing us to screen more patients, and predict results with a high accuracy “.

Visual Check AI is the first step in the company’s long-term strategy to develop groundbreaking AI solutions that will transform the FemTech market. “We are the only company in the world with an AI capability in cervical cancer screening ” says Leon Boston, MobileODT’s CEO, ” our unique AI algorithm, allows an unprecedented screening scale, that can be life saving for so many women around the world. We are currently in the midst of a funding round, to support our long-term strategy and expand to broader   areas in women’s health with AI technology”.

About MobileODT

MobileODT helps clinicians utilize the power of AI on its portable medical devices to enhance women’s health. MobileODT’s EVA System combines advanced imaging, data and software applications, to expand access to quality care in over 20 countries and across more than 60 US health systems. The EVA System’s smart mobile colposcope is used by clinicians worldwide for colposcopy, general gynecology, telegynecology, and forensic imaging. MobileODT is integrating its AI in approved markets to provide powerful clinical decision support to healthcare providers at the point-of-care. The company raised $26 million to date from Orbimed, Tristel, Tara Health, Laerdal, DAI, private funds and investors. For further info please visit

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