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Spotlight: AI in medical technology

Mar 4, 2019 | News and Media Coverage

VOX MEDIA UK (March 4, 2019)

This podcast, featuring MobileODT CEO Ariel Beery,  looks at the integration and development of artificial intelligence (AI) into medical technologies, or as the sector is commonly referred to: Medtech.

Countries today are racing to be the global leader in AI. Just earlier this month, President Donald Trump signed the “American A.I. Initiative,” an executive order meant to stimulate the development and regulation of artificial intelligence. Last year in the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a plan to revolutionize how chronic diseases are diagnosed in the country by significantly increasing the use of data and AI.

With AI technology growing ever more sophisticated and governments leaning into its use in healthcare, investment in the sector seems likely to grow. However, there are more reservations about data privacy and concerns over implementation when it comes to incorporating AI in healthcare practices.


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