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Colposcope syncs to athenahealth EMR

Feb 17, 2019 | Blog

Up to 35% of physician time is spent on note-taking. This is a valuable time that could be put to better use if more efficient methods of record keeping and data collection can be found. MobileODT took up the challenge to reduce the burden of note-taking for clinicians performing colposcopy.

The EVA System mobile colposcope already allows for more streamlined note-taking with patient information being inputted directly into the user’s  interphase on the EVA colposcope. Annotations and the location of biopsy sites can be added directly onto the images captured. Case notes are saved on the EVA online secure portal for future reference and can be downloaded to be included into any EMR (electronic medical record) system.

To save even more physician time during colposcopy procedures, MobileODT developed a system that allows EVA users to sync images, annotations and case notes directly from the EVA device to an EMR system during the patient exam. This means that before the patient has left the room, all details of the procedure are already recorded in the EMR.

The first healthcare group to take advantage of this integration from the EVA colposcope to their EMR was the Ob/Gyn Specialists of the Palm Beaches, who use the athenahealth EMR system. We share their experience:


The challenge:


OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches is a private practice with 6 locations around the Palm Beach, FL area. They offer comprehensive OBGYN services including cervical cancer screening. As an advanced practice, they offer colposcopy examinations in-house with 10 providers performing this procedure.

The EVA System was a good fit for the colposcopy needs at OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches. As multiple providers are performing colposcopy depending on patient need, no one provider is focusing on this as the bulk of their practice.

The EVA System’s user friendly interface not only allowed for easy initial adoption but also is readily familiar for occasional users.

OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches  maintains their patient records using the athenahealth electronic medical record (EMR) system. A patient’s personal identifying information is saved in the EMR together with exam notes… Hand-drawn circles were used to depict a cervix and record biopsy locations prior to the EVA System.

Once the practice adopted the EVA System they were able to attach images captured with the EVA to the patient EMR. However, the process of downloading images from the EVA online portal and then uploading them to the athenahealth EMR required administrative resources. Administrators at OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches turned to MobileODT to create an integration between the two systems.



The Solution:


The EVA System online portal securely stores images captured with the EVA device colposcope, complete with annotations, and exam notes. A downloadable PDF file with all this information can be generated.

The digital format of the EVA System enabled information to be synced between it and the athenahealth EMR.

MobileODT developers worked with athenahealth administration to ensure a smooth transfer of data between the two systems.

Once a ‘patient encounter’ is created with an ID in the athenahealth system, that ID number can be inputted into the EVA device. As with any EVA colposcopy exam, images are captured and annotations made, and the exam completed. The decision page of the EVA device workflow was adapted to include a ‘transfer to athena’ button. Once pressed, images and annotations are automatically uploaded to the correct patient encounter in the athenahealth EMR.

This integration greatly reduced the burden of record keeping on physicians. Any initial data collection could be performed by admin staff prior to the exam, leaving the clinician to perform their exam and make annotations in just one location.


The future


The integration between athenahealth EMR and the EVA System mobile colposcopy has improved workflow colposcopy procedures at OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches. Physician time is maximized by reducing the time spent on record keeping.

With images of the cervix instead of simple sketches being preserved, it is now possible to monitor and track patient progress over time with greater accuracy. If patients are recalled for further screening clinicians can review EVA images from past colposcopies to assess how any potential dysplasia have developed.

OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches are continuing to use the EVA System for all their colposcopy examinations, with the EVA being their colposcope of choice should their practice expand.


Want to learn about how to integrate Athenahealth or other EMRs with the EVA System? Schedule a call or Request Info now.



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