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MobileODT: a case study of a novel approach to an mHealth-based model of sustainable impact

Apr 13, 2016 | Clinical article1, clinical lobby1, Medical Research



A persistent challenge facing global health actors is ensuring that time-bound interventions are ultimately adopted and integrated into local health systems for long term health system strengthening and capacity building. This level of sustainability is rarely achieved with current models of global health intervention that rely on continuous injection of resources or persistent external presence on the ground. Presented here is a case study of a flipped approach to creating capacity and adoption through an engagement strategy centered around an innovative mHealth device and connected service. Through an impact-oriented business model, this mHealth solution engages stakeholders in a cohesive and interdependent network by appealing to the pain points for each actor throughout the health system. This particular intervention centers around the MobileODT, Inc. Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System for enhanced visualization. While focused on challenges to cervical cancer screening and treatment services, the lessons learned are offered as a model for lateral translation into adjacent health condition verticals.


Keywords: Cervix, cervical, mobileODT, Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA), device, social business, b-corp, eHealth, mHealth, VIA, VIA/VILI, diagnostics, health system strengthening

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