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EVA’s global impact on World Health Day 2019

Apr 7, 2019 | Blog

On World Health Day, we take a moment to look at the impact that the EVA System continues to have on women’s health around the globe and forward to the future.

MobileODT believes in pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in women’s healthcare. Putting innovative tools into the hands of clinicians that enable them to save more lives. The EVA System is currently used in 29 countries throughout the spectrum of healthcare provision.





HPV vaccinations have been heralded as ‘the end of cervical cancer’ but for the millions of women without access to vaccines, the need for regular cervical cancer screening continues. The EVA System is now being used in a trial to see how a cervical cancer screening program to HPV early adopter, Rwanda.

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The tragedy of women treated for HIV infection only to die as a result of cervical cancer is gaining increasing attention. We were honored to take part in a prospective study exploring the impact of various cervical cancer screening methods on HIV+ and HIV- women in Cambodia.

Read the full paper in BMJ Open>>


The vast majority of global health initiatives rely on public funding. We understand the pressure of trying to provide cost-effective services at scale. To help our partners do more, MobileODT is offsetting part of the standard EVA System purchase price to help eligible global health nonprofits maximize their resources.

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Getting the right staff to the right location and ensuring quality control across multiple sites are challenges faced by many global health programs. Teleconsultation with the EVA System digitally connects two clinicians in different locations in real time, allowing for immediate oversight, remote mentorship, and quality control.

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We are honored to be part of the global effort to bring quality women’s healthcare to women everywhere.


Wishing you a happy World Health Day,

Yael Misrahi

Head of Global Partnerships

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