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The System of Mobile Colposcopy in the Use of a Young Doctor

Jun 25, 2019 | Clinical article1, clinical lobby2, Medical Research

Presented at the RCOG World Congress 2019

Maria Malarska (1), Grzegorz Glab (2),

(1) Medical University of Lodz, Poland (2) GMW and Public Medical School in Opole, Poland


Objective: The purpose of this work was to compare the effects of a mobile colposcopy program used by a young doctor compared to an experienced gynecologist.

Materials & Methods: The study was performed in a group of 100 female volunteers- 25-55 years old, (for women of this age in Poland, cytological tests are refunded). The patients were divided into two groups. First part of the group has the examination performed by a young doctor, the second by doctor with many years of experience in colposcopy. The tests were done using the EVA system.

Results: In the first group of women, the study was performed by a young doctor. The optimal time worked during the study was about 10 minutes per patient. In 94% of patients, a normal result was obtained (the physiological changes, or the correct transformation zone), which was photographed and archived. The remaining cases were classified as suspicious lesions of low severity (suspected LSIL). These women have been proposed to deepen the diagnosis of molecular testing for the detection of HPV virus (PCR DNA HPV HR). What was very important, the examination carried out by a young doctor was assessed by the patients that the test wasn’t performed in a longer, more painful or uncomfortable way comparing to standard tests performed in a gynecological office.

The second group of women was examined by an experienced gynecologist. Testing time has not been shortened significantly. However, ladies who came to the clinic for the purpose of the study, were older, than those who reported to the novice doctor. In these cases, changes suspected of neoplastic transformation, including changes of the HSIL, were more often detected. Importantly, no differences were found in the quality of the pictures taken and the actual examination between those two doctors.

Conclusions: Examination performed by mobile colposcopy may be a great hope for the propagation of colposcopy in gynecological office. The ability to transfer photos between specialists and beginners will significantly improve the learning and education process as well as the diagnostic process. The introduction of mobile colposcopy will shorten the time of the medical visit, which will allow the admission of more patients, as well as mobilizing women to visit a doctor.

The poster was sponsored by Mobile SCANMED Systems.

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