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Prospective cohort study examining cervical cancer screening methods in HIV-positive and HIV-negative Cambodian Women: a comparison of human papilloma virus testing, visualization with acetic acid and digital colposcopy

Logistical and economic issues make traditional cytology-based cervical cancer screening challenging in developing countries. Alternative, cost-effective, screening strategies must be developed to screen millions of women in resource-poor countries such as Cambodia.

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Development and testing of a smartphone adapter for image quality assurance and whole slide imaging

When running large trials, histopathology services are used to assess the state of a tissue. However, in many clinics in low resource settings there are large variations in quality of such services, specifically in biopsy processing and histopathological interpretation/assessment of images. Quality assurance (QA) is needed, but it involves physically mailing slides to a remote clinic. A telemedicine solution can address this challenge.

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