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IPVC: Cervical cancer screening through a cloud-based algorithmic analysis of cervical images on a mobile platform

IPVC: Comparison of mobile colposcopic impression to cytology and HPV results in a high-risk US population

Eurogin: Comparison of Visual and Cytology Cervical Cancer Screening in Maharashtra, India

ASCCP: Rates of cervicitis across multiple sites in India

Measuring blood content, oxygen saturation, and scattering in cervical tissues using multi-spectral imaging

A Digital Framing Ring for Stabilizing Cervix Location in Digital Cervicography Images


Portable, low-cost multispectral imaging system: design, development, validation, and utilization

Protocol for the study of cervical cancer screening technologies in HIV-infected women living in Rwanda

Characterization of cervigram image sharpness using multiple self-referenced measurements and random forest classifiers

Statistics on Clinical Activities and Practices of Cervical Cancer Clinics in Kenya

Cloud-based processing of multispectral imaging data

Measurement and evaluation of digital cervicography programs in two cervical cancer screening camps in East Africa

MobileODT: a case study of a novel approach to an mHealth-based model of sustainable impact

Real-Time Monitoring and Evaluation of a Visual-Based Cervical Cancer Screening Program Using a Decision Support Job Aid

Mobile colposcopy in urban and underserved suburban areas in Baja California

Remote quality assurance in cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings using a handheld smartphone-based colposcope


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