Reimagining visual diagnostics at the point of care

We create smart colposcopy and visual assessment solutions for women's health clinicians




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Meet the EVA System

The EVA System is an FDA-cleared colposcope and enhanced visual assessment solution combining high-quality medical-grade image and video capture with secure online data management and services. EVA allows you to document patients, add annotations and filters directly to images for further review, collaborate with peers in real-time, and reduce unnecessary paperwork. EVA’s turnkey solution allows you to expand your clinical services and optimize your workflow

EVA for colposcopy examinations

Use the EVA System for fast and simple colposcopy examinations.

EVA for sexual assault examinations

Use the EVA System for reliable forensic documentation and secure case-sharing.

EVA for gynecologic examinations

Use the EVA System as an aid for pelvic and gynecologic exams, streamlining visualization and documentation.

Built for purpose

Enabling accessible visual assessment solutions for more than 40,000 patients in over 27 countries.

Improved workflow

Enhanced digital tools to support efficient and accurate vulvar and cervical examinations.

At the point of care

Intuitive and portable toolkit for expert-level care in any practice setting.

The EVA System opens up a new world of user-friendly telemedicine for cervical health that can be utilized from anywhere to provide a broader spectrum of care and education to our patients.



Special Populations in Women’s Health

Gain a better understanding of the cultural and social needs as well as medical insights of some special populations within your women’s health practice with this practical 47-pages guide covering groups like sexual assault survivors, HIV+ women, transgender patients, survivors of female genital mutilation or female army veterans.


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