MobileODT is committed to delivering the best in class solution to women’s health providers and patients. Our Partner Programs are about meeting that commitment.

Distribution Partners


By joining with distribution partners, we ensure medical providers all around the world receive the most advanced digital health visualization, documentation and assessment solution for women’s health.

Distribution partners focus on selling, deploying and supporting EVA System implementations in their local territories. They are experts in medical devices and women’s health.

Technology Partners


MobileODTs technology partners play an essential role in extending the EVA System solution, helping to create best-in-class comprehensive solutions for women’s health.

Our partners are technological leaders in their field – hardware, software, and services- leveraging their expertise to offer integrated medical solutions and improve the quality of care.

Research Partners


MobileODT works closely with academic and institutional research partners to advance the state of the art in medical visualization technology.

If you have an interesting area of research or would like to partner with MobileODT, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at research_partnerships@mobileodt or through the “Apply for Info” form to discuss your projects.

Want to join our ecosystem?

Contact our Partners Team and let’s discuss common growth projects and opportunities

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