Documenting Adult Female Genital Injuries

A proposed protocol for medical forensic examiners

Featuring Nancy Harris, NP-C, NYSAFE

NOTE: This video contains sensitive anatomical images

Refresh your memory or understand the basics of female genital forensic exams with this practical video.

Developed with leading experts in the field of sexual assault forensic exams, the following video walks you through how to properly document female genital and anal injuries during the forensic examination.

These guidelines cover all key steps of the genital examination during the forensic examination and include instructions on what, when and how to capture images of the different elements.

This video highlights the use of the EVA System for SANE in learning how to capture multiple clear, in-focus images that can be used for case review or in the courtroom.

The EVA System for SANE

Sexual assault forensic examinations simplified


A secure documentation system for streamlined sexual assault forensic examinations to visualize and capture images of the cervix, vagina, vulva and other areas of injury across the body. The EVA System is:

  • User-friendly
  • Compact and portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure

The portable, reliable, and affordable EVA SANE enables the clinical team to focus on the patient while easily capturing forensic findings.

Visualize the patient and capture high-quality images with the EVA System for SANE. Optical and digital magnification, image and video capture, and digital filters enable you to perform a complete visual examination and documentation of the patient.

Teleconsultation features allow you to get expert advice from your supervisor and peers in real-time to ensure the high-quality documentation techniques are in practice.

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