The most powerful EVA colposcope yet, with even better imaging capabilities


April 17th, 2018, Tel Aviv– MobileODT will be launching its advanced EVA 3 Plus mobile colposcope, a key component of the EVA System for cervical cancer screenings and sexual assault forensic examinations, at the ASCCP 2018 Annual Meeting. EVA 3 Plus is packed with new features including a larger screen, higher resolution images, and a brighter LED illumination. With more power and improved performance, the EVA 3 Plus will be available for purchase globally from Tuesday, May 1.

Outstanding Images

EVA’s advanced 13-megapixel camera takes superior images with more vibrant colors and greater detail viewable on an improved super-amoled 5.2-inch screen with 720×1280 HD resolution. Further enhanced by the purpose-built, reflective cross-grid polarizer, which increases illumination by 30% for more balanced light, reduced glare resulting in sharper images.

Later this year, EVA 3 Plus will add an optional high-magnification lens with 50% greater magnification and the capability to detect smaller artifacts. The high-magnification lens features a dynamic iris for adjusting the optimal light at any given focal point, with a single hand turn, improving focus, as well as a dust and scratch-protection mechanism.

More Powerful. Better Performance

The EVA 3 Plus colposcope is now powered by the 1.6Ghz Samsung J5 Pro, which is faster, more powerful, and better performing than previous models. EVA 3 Plus also provides up to 10 hours* (tested in MobileODT laboratories) of use per full charge.

Designed for Any Practice Setting

EVA 3 Plus is a sturdy and slick device with a reinforced shell built to last in a variety of practice settings. The advanced EVA also features a quick-release function to quickly release the mobile device from the optical unit; useful for forensic nurses needing to document full-body images. EVA 3 Plus can also be device-locked to ensure the mobile device remains attached in the optical unit.

MobileODT CEO Ariel Beery says: “We’re incredibly excited to release the new, more powerful EVA 3 Plus colposcope to better meet the needs of our heroes; the clinicians around the world working tirelessly for cervical cancer screening and sexual assault patient care. We look forward to strengthening the EVA System with new software and advanced algorithms that can take advantage of this higher quality colposcope, and further support our customers and partners globally.”

Conditions & Availability

EVA 3 Plus will be sold globally from May 1st and will be available through MobileODT sales representatives, exclusive distributors, and via the online store (US only)

Includes full EVA 3 Plus training, onboarding, and support services.

MobileODT new upgrade program allows current EVA System customers to purchase the EVA 3 Plus with an extended service period at reduced prices.


About MobileODT

MobileODT is creating the next generation of medical visualization solutions. Our EVA (Enhanced Visual Assessment) System combines biomedical optics with the power and connectivity of mobile technology. EVA’s portable, simple, and affordable visual assessment tools can be used in a variety of settings facilitating access to expert care. The EVA System features high-quality image and video capture capabilities, image filters and annotation tools, remote consultation abilities, simple EMR integration, and ongoing quality assurance and training tools and services.

For further information, please visit or contact our sales team at You may purchase the EVA System by visiting our online store: (US customers only)


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