MobileODT is proud to announce its partnership with Apollo Hospitals -India’s leading healthcare provider and International Oncology– a specialty chain of cancer therapy centers, to apply MobileODT’s Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System to increase access to low-cost, portable, and effective cervical cancer screening in India.

While cervical cancer is easily detectable and curable in its early stages for less than $28, only 3.1% of women in India are screened. Recent data indicates that there are approximately 132,000 new cases of cervical cancer and 74,000 deaths annually, accounting for ⅓ of all global cases of the disease.

The Apollo Hospitals group is Asia’s single largest integrated healthcare provider operating 70 hospitals, over 100 primary care diagnostic clinics, and more than 2,400 pharmacies across India. International Oncology provides screening and treatment for all cancers in several hospitals and outreach centers in India.

MobileODT and Apollo Research and Innovations (ARI), a division of Apollo Hospitals comprising of a comprehensive ecosystem are working together to undertake evaluation and validation of innovations in healthcare for women. Together we are leading a validation study across 5 rural and semi-urban locations to evaluate the benefits of integrating MobileODT’s EVA system for digital cervicography into Apollo Hospital’s primary screening for cervical cancer.

This partnership was made possible by the World Bank Group Initiative, TechEmerge, through the International Finance Corporation that matches technology companies around the world with partners in emerging markets to deliver tools that improve quality of life. MobileODT along with Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and International Oncology were selected from 330 companies to apply our life-saving technology in diverse clinical settings. We believe this is the first of many opportunities to improve outcomes for every patient, across India.

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