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Artificial Intelligence Meets Women’s Health with Dr. Albert Singer

May 15, 2017 | Blog

Resource limitations prevent most women globally from having access to reliable cervical cancer screening which, according to the World Health Organization, results in 270,000 deaths per year from the disease. But what if you could bring expert-level diagnosis to every woman on earth?

The future of cervical cancer detection is efficient, mobile, and soon, predictive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can recognize patterns invisible to the human eye and healthcare companies around the world are beginning to integrate machine learning into their solutions. At MobileODT, we are excited to join this AI revolution to save lives.

AI could change the course of diagnosing and treating cervical pre-cancer. Thanks to Intel’s Kaggle competition, we are addressing this issue and joining forces with data scientists around the world to improve outcomes.

Using images taken by MobileODT’s EVA System and classified by expert physician, Dr. Albert Singer, data scientists are competing to write the most accurate algorithm possible to detect cervix abnormalities and help guide treatment. For a woman in a hard-to-reach area, this has the potential to be life-saving. The winning algorithm from the Kaggle competition will be integrated into the mobile application of the EVA System.

Watch Dr. Albert Singer describe the importance of determining cervix type:

Together we will continue to expand access to care so every woman, every where can have the same access to lifesaving care.


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