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AI for cervical cancer examinations




AI clinical decision support for assessing cervical cancer


VisualCheck* provides clinicians with AI (Augmented Intelligence) clinical decision support technology to assess for normal and abnormal cervical findings. Using a complex algorithm, VisualCheck predicts how highly trained colposcopists determine findings of the cervix.

The algorithm is trained on thousands of images of the cervix that top colposcopists in the US have annotated.

*Currently not available for sale in the United States.



AI clinical decision support based on the analysis of leading colposcopists


VisualCheck & the EVA System combine to provide high quality visualization and quality controls for any location


AI answers are provided quickly to improve the time management of patient visits

“We set to create smart medical solutions by combining the computational power of smart mobile devices with advanced imaging algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. The outcome promises to be a revolution in cervical cancer screening.”



How does VisualCheck work?

VisualCheck runs on the EVA System online portal using the images captured by the device. After completing a standard cervical examination with the EVA colposcope, the clinician will review the images on the portal and run the VisualCheck assessment.

In less than a minute, the clinician will receive a message indicating whether the images are likely to indicate abnormal (suspected positive findings) or normal (no suspected positive findings).

The EVA System AI


We believe that healthcare providers deserve the most advanced AI medical device technologies possible and that no healthcare provider should be restricted from providing patients with the best possible analysis.

By harnessing the power of AI, VisualCheck run on the EVA System will ensure that women across the globe have improved access to a expert level healthcare provider who can give them the high quality of analysis and care.

Augmented Intelligence

MobileODT is committed to harnessing the most advanced technologies to build cutting-edge medical devices for healthcare providers, extending the capabilities of the EVA System to improve access to cervical cancer screening. Medical-grade Artificial Intelligence (AI) has tremendous promise to support healthcare providers to give better care for their patients. It can give patients the best possible analysis at the right time, enable the healthcare provider to determine the best next steps for that patient, and allow patients to find the resources to address disease.

Clinical decision support

AI is not replacing the healthcare provider by any means. Medical-grade AI is primarily a powerful tool to extend the diagnostic power of laboratory tests. Today, neural networks are taught to recognize patterns using tens of thousands of images.  AI-empowered analytics will put advanced diagnostics within reach of the millions of women who need improved access to cervical cancer screening.

For experts and non-experts alike

This use of AI for decision support is helpful for experts as well as non-experts conducting examinations. For expert healthcare providers conducting a diagnostic examination, AI can provide an automated second opinion. For non-experts, AI can enable the immediate examination of a patient when local expert opinion is limited, and making diagnostic examinations accessible that may previously be limited by infrastructure and resource availability.

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