Colposcopy post-menopause – Challenges and solutions


Join Dr. Mary Rubin, BSN, MSN, PhD University of Pennsylvania and Clinical Professor of OB-GYN UCSF, as she addresses the challenge of postmenopausal colposcopy and to see how those challenges can be overcome.

Cervical cancer screening typically ends after 65 years of age but many women reach menopause before they age out of the screening process. This will inevitably lead some women to need colposcopy post menopause, especially if they did not receive regular screenings in their younger years and any cervical abnormalities progressed.

In this guide you will learn:
  • Practical tips for performing postmenopausal colposcopy
  • Changes to the cervix structure
  • Challenges for patients

“Vaginal atrophy frequently accompanies menopause, which makes attaining a clear image of the cervix difficult.”

MobileODT Women’s Health Special Populations Project

MobileODT has the honor of working with women’s health clinicians around the world. Increasing immigration and shifts in social norms have led many healthcare providers to interact with patients from unfamiliar backgrounds with unfamiliar considerations.

Our Special Populations Project taps into the collective knowledge within the network of EVA System users that spans 42 countries, to give other clinicians an insider’s view on certain special populations.

These guides are intended to start the conversation and to give clinicians an initial sense of the issues involved. Official protocols and local guidelines should be adhered to in every case.

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