FORBES MAGAZINE (December 18, 2018)

The Israeli startup scene has been on the rise for nearly a decade. To support the more than 6,000 startups currently up and running in Israel, companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are setting up shop in Tel Aviv in order to assist both enterprise level companies and early stage startups in accelerating the growth of their businesses. According to Ariel Berry, CEO of MobileODT, AWS enables them to deploy the EVA System – a digital colposcope used in the assessment of cervical cancer that combines high-quality optics, image and video capture with secure, HIPAA-compliant online data management and services.

“Early detection leads to easy and inexpensive treatment, hence the importance of enabling access to screening tests and treatment options in the precancerous stages of the disease to women everywhere,” said Beery. “Using MobileODT’s solution allows any health professional, anywhere in the world, to perform an initial cervical cancer screening via a mobile device, and immediately determine the need for biopsy, saving precious time for patients.”


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