For cheaper, more efficient screening for cervical cancer. The company’s mobile colposcope provides low-cost, easy-access screening for cervical cancer, and means to improve care in medically underserved areas, where the disease’s fatality rate is high. Typical optical coherence tomography (OCT) machines in large medical practices or clinics cost upward of $50,000; MobileOCT’s costs $400. The device connects to smartphones, projects white or green light onto the cervix, takes an image clearly at high magnification, and uploads it securely so a physician can quickly—and correctly!—detect whether cancer treatment is necessary. Ariel Beery, MobileOCT’s New York-raised and Tel Aviv-residing CEO, says that five of every six women screened for cervical cancer are unnecessarily sent for treatment. MobileOCT’s device eliminates this waste by getting the diagnosis right, thereby enabling budget-limited municipalities and countries to screen 3.6 times more women for every dollar spent on standard exams.

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