Tel Aviv, March 3, 2019: MobileODT was awarded the Innovation Award first prize in the Affordability Track at the 2019 MEDinISRAEL conference.

MobileODT’s VP Revenue, Adi Jacobson received the award in recognition of the company’s work in developing the AVE (automated visual evaluation) algorithm for clinical use. AVE is able to detect cervical cancer with greater accuracy than existing methods using a single image.

The application of this AI (augmented intelligence) detection for cervical cancer will dramatically cut the cost of cervical cancer screening, putting this lifesaving health intervention within the reach of every woman. In recognition of this potential, judges of the  MEDinISRAEL Innovation Award awarded MobileODT first prize in the Affordability Track.

Ariel Beery, MobileODT CEO said, “We are delighted to have our work applying AI machine learning to cervical cancer screening recognized by the MEDinISRAEL. This another step in our journey to ensure that no woman dies from this preventable disease. We will continue to apply the latest technology to create innovative solutions that put quality healthcare in the reach of every patient, wherever they are in the world.”

The conference brought together Israel’s leading digital health companies with experts from around the world. By bringing together leaders from the global healthcare system, the conference enhances alignment and collaboration across sectors.

Over four days, a range of sessions covered the most pressing topics facing healthcare innovation, including Telemedicine, Hospital at Home, Medical IoT, Patient Engagement, Cybersecurity in Healthcare and AR/VR Applications in HealthCare. Participants are able to see the latest breakthroughs, recognize outstanding achievements and gain insight into investment opportunities.


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