MobileODT was honored to accept the 2019 FT/IFC Transformational Business Award in Health Wellness and Disease Prevention. The award ceremony was hosted in London by The Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation who have collaborated together since 2006. This year marked the highest number of total applicants for the awards – 270 entries were received! MobileODT was short-listed along with six other companies in the Health, Wellness and Disease Prevention category.

MobileODT CEO Ariel Beery accepts the FT IFC Award in Transformational Business for Health (Photo credit: Start Up Nation Central)

MobileODT was recognized for its Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System – a portable AI-enabled diagnostic tool that dramatically increases access to cervical cancer screening for women worldwide. It will allow healthcare providers to detect cervical cancer at the point-of-care, replacing reliance on laboratory tests and sample collection, at a fraction of the price. Pilot studies to validate the Automated Visual Evaluation (AVE) algorithm developed with the National Cancer Institute are underway in South Korea and with Apollo Hospitals in India.

The winner of the Transformational Solutions in Health, Wellness and Disease Prevention addresses “the issues around human capacity and resource constraints to detect and tackle of the leading cause of death for women worldwide,” according to judge, Samir Abhyankar, from TPG Growth.

Upon his acceptance of the award, MobileODT Co-Founder and CEO, Ariel Beery stated, “I believe that we are in a transformative moment for humanity where the tests, that so many human beings around the world have not had access to, can now be made available because of the power of the ‘supercomputers’ we carry in our pockets. I look forward to the day where no woman dies of a preventable disease, or no child needs to be told that they cannot access tests or cannot see their mother because of infrastructure constraints.”

Strategic partners from Tristel, Paul Swinney and Liz Dixon, were also in attendance at the award dinner and partners from Genworks, Laonz, and Mobile ScanMED Systems were recognized for their contributions to MobileODT’s success.

Prior to the award announcement, Co-Founder and CEO of MobileODT, Ariel Beery, was interviewed on Facebook Live by the IFC. See the video below:

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