The 20 semi-finalists for MedTech Innovator 2015 have been announced.  300 early medtech startups applied for the coveted position.  Anyone can cast their vote for which companies you feel should receive a coveted slot to present live on stage at the WSGR medical device conference in San Francisco this Friday (6/26).  Without further ado here are the semi-finalists and a brief desciption of their technology:

MobileODT: Cervical cancer is a treatable disease, however successful treatment requires timely detection.  MobileODT’s technology uses smartphones to create a mobile colposcope.  This can be used to detect cervical cancer in low-resource settings and may one day even be able to replace pap smear and HPV testing.

Here’s a link to MobileODT’s pitch on the MedTech Innovator site.

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